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Hello, we’re Zentern.

For five years now we’ve been handing trailblazers across the globe their match—
customized internships, in Japan, at the coolest companies.

Our Zenterns (as we call them) don’t just walk away with a single
bullet of text on their resumes; they emerge, personally enlightened
equipped with a renewed sense of purpose, and limitless breadth of confidence.

So if you’re seeking a unique professional and cultural experience, sure to
spark growth and ignite the next chapter of your life,
please have a look around, and prepare yourself for what’s to come.

Because the evolutionary journey we map next…

could be yours.





How It Works



1) You give us a shout.


2) Zentern shouts back the same day.


3) We all stop shouting and figure out a good time for a live chat about your internship in Japan.



Face time over the Internet to get acquainted and determine if/when you’re ready to jump on board. Also to check out each other’s taste in wall decorations.




You shoot us your documents and application fee. We go to work finding you an internship in Japan that will make you feel as warm and fuzzy as a ball of yarn in the Sahara.




We trick out your documents and complete all application docs in less time than it takes to binge watch every episode of Game of Thrones (72 hours). Save us some popcorn.




No, not to our awesomeness. That comes later. This is where we get your application over to selected clients and set up interviews for you.




Within 4-to-8 weeks of us submitting your application, you’ll interview with companies of interest. Button up and dazzle em with your personality floodlight.




Shortly after your interview(s), we’ll call with the news: “Yatta-a!” (“We did it!”) Amazing company wants you. Get set to jet.


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