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10 Super Famous People Who Were Once Interns

Internships – A short period of time where you get a glimpse of the real world while receiving a wealth of knowledge, extensive opportunities and figure out what you want to get out of life.
For most, it’s a golden ticket to their desired career.

Some of you might think an internship is just getting coffee & bagels (in Japan it’ll be green tea & sushi)  for your boss or copying the same documents for 8 weeks; nope. Not during your internship in Japan with Zentern!

We make sure you’ll actually learn plenty from your experience whether your internship is in Tokyo, Osaka, Fukuoka or the top of Mt. Fuji!

Internships can actually get you somewhere and Hollywood has proof.
These people worked their way up before hitting it big.

1. Steven Spielberg

The prolific producer began an unofficial internship with Universal Studios when he was 17 years old. Spielberg continually snuck onto the studio lot (he wasn’t granted access) and networked with directors, even creating a short film that found its way into executives’ hands. Universal heads were so impressed that they offered him a seven-year contract. The rest is history.


2. Oprah Winfrey

The famed TV host got her start at WLAC-TV, a CBS affiliate in Nashville, Tenn. She did such a stellar job delivering the news that the program brought her on fulltime as an anchor-reporter. In true Oprah fashion, the philanthropist became the first African-American female news anchor.


3. Tom Hanks

Before he was a movie star, Hanks was a college kid interning for the Great Lakes Theater Festival in Cleveland, Ohio. He obtained stage confidence and a wealth of theater production experience. The internship turned into a three-year gig … in which the actor would drop out of college (no longer needing formal theater education).


4. Tom Ford

Jay Z’s favorite designer studied architecture before taking a Parisian internship with Chloe. From there, Ford moved to Gucci where he became the line’s creative director. The dapper fashion icon opened a store in 2005 and has since created fragrances, cosmetics, accessories and clothing for his own label.


5. Jodie Foster

Despite being an Academy Award-winning actress, Foster took on a summer internship at Esquire in 1982. It turns out the job’s 9-to-5 lifestyle wasn’t for her.


6. Bill Gates

The computer wiz and philanthropist had interests outside the tech world. Gates worked as a Congressional page at age 17.


7. Sean Combs – P. Diddy

Combs was always a hustler. The media mogul begged rapper Heavy D to put him in contact with NYC’s Uptown Records. The company’s executive, Andrew Harrell, gave Diddy an internship (which he worked while also studying at Howard University in D.C.).


8. Steve Jobs

The computer genius called Hewlett-Packard president William Hewlett to “ask for parts for a high school project.” Hewlett gave Jobs the necessary equipment as well as a summer internship with his company. This was where Jobs met Steve Wozniak.


9. Kanye West

In 2009 Kanye West interned with Fendi, but it wasn’t all glitz and glamour at the Italian Fashion house. West told that he spent his days making photocopies and taking coffee orders. But the hard work payed off, as he now owns his own fashion line: Yeezy.


10. Aziz Ansari

Aziz Ansari dished on interning at satirical news site The Onion during his sophomore year at NYU. “It was a fun internship, but it wasn’t like I was in the writer’s room or anything like that,” he said. Perhaps unexpectedly, Ansari interned in the advertising department.

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