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5 Awesome apps to use when you’re in Japan

Interns coming to Japan for their internship might wonder what apps to use when they get here.

There are a thousand apps that might come in handy so here is a few to get you Zenterns started:

1. Sushi Dictionary

That’s right, you probably will discover new fish you never knew that excisted.

The sushi you ordered might look amazing but it’s probably wise to know what you’re exactly eating. This app will explain what fish you are about to eat.


2. Japan Travel Guidebook

This app is pretty awesome featuring 1-day itineraries so you’ll never get bored during your free time.
On top of your internship experience comes cultural experience so get some fellow interns to join you on trips thorough Japan!


3. Zengoku Taxi

Better and cheaper than Uber: Call a taxi wherever you are whenever!

English language is available and you can set your pick-up and drop-off location. It also calculates the estimated cost of a trip – almost just like uber.
So simple! If you have got money to spare this might be one of the most luxurious way to commute to your internship in Tokyo or will be necessary if you miss your last train (for y’all who don’t want to sleep in a Karaoke box!).

4. Yomiwa

For $4 you can purchase an app that translates signs and texts for you.
No internet connection needed, just take a picture of the text and the app does the rest!

5. Line

The app to keep in touch with your friends in Japan. This is the “Japanese” WhatsApp and comes with awesome stamps (stickers). Make sure you download this before you start your internship in Japan! It’s pretty normal to use this nowadays to call your co-workers or clients.
You can share albums, make free phone calls and even read the news. There are many other cool options so check it out.

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