Christmas Celebration 2016 - Zentern – Zentern - Internships in Japan
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Christmas Celebration 2016 – Zentern

Every year we celebrate Christmas, however it’s slightly different in Japan.

Here, Christmas is a holiday for couples while New Year’s is supposed to be celebrated with your family.
The country has been greatly influenced by Europe and the US during Christmas; It’s all about celebration and for a majority of people it has nothing to do with religion.

During your Internship in Tokyo or any other city, you will notice how cozy the city will become. There are Christmas trees in most department stores, illumination and light shows around the city and (German) Christmas markets.


KFC Japan during Christmas

Another fun fact is that people eat KFC here on Christmas Day. There are crazy lines and it’s the day where KFC makes the most profit of the year.
Next to KFC, most couples go out to a fancy restaurant; most dinner courses or buffets are fully booked 1 month prior to Christmas, so make sure you book something asap to keep your gf happy! (Yes guys, you decide where to take your date!).

We would hate to see you guys spending Christmas by yourself while you are working in Japan!

Our staff usually organizes a Christmas lunch and other events during your internship in Japan.

During the Christmas season we go out and see some illuminations and visit Christmas markets. On Christmas day we organized a lunch and did Secret Santa. What’s Christmas without presents, right?

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