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Coffee in Tokyo

When you think of Japan you might think of it’s awesome bullet trains, sushi, anime, Picotaro or tea.
Even though tea is super awesome, we will talk a little bit about the Japanese coffee culture today.

Here are the chapters:

  • The obsession of Starbucks in Japan
  • Cafes in Japan

You might want to ask yourself, is there even a coffee culture in Japan?
Yes, there is!
Did you know?: Most coffee is being consumed in Kyoto! Totori prefecture is 2nd and Tokyo isn’t even in the top 10!
Check out this chart below:

We sometimes get questions from our interns where the best places to visit is for coffee during their internships in Japan.
And to be honest, it’s pretty difficult to find good coffee in Japan!

  • Starbucks in Japan

Did you know?:
Japan is obsessed with Starbucks? There are about 1,173 stores nationwide and it’s number is growing every month or so. Tokyo has about 300 stores and they’re always packed. People who have been to Japan, you know what I’m talking about!
Kyoto has about 30 stores and there are only about 4 Starbucks stores in Totori prefecture.

It is being said that the Starbucks in the Tsutaya in front of the famous Shibuya Crossing makes the most profit out of all the stores worldwide… It’s an awesome place.

  • Cafes in Japan

There are about 70,000 coffeeshops in Japan.
About 7,000 of these are in Tokyo and 9,500 in Osaka.

Most restaurants can be seen as cafes too, it’s alright to just have a coffee and leave. There’s a strong cafe culture in Tokyo.

warning!: Coffee here can taste pretty different. For some sort of reason, black coffee in Japan has a sour/sweet aftertaste (personally, I think it’s not very tasty…). Japanese people seem to love it but secretly I’m sure the bitter ones are waaay better!

In the end it’s all personal taste but here are some of my favo coffeeshops in Tokyo:

Coffee time with Fiona and Gregory

1. Espressamente Illy in Shibuya
Haven’t been to the other stores but their cappuccino is awesome. Foamy with the perfect espresso shot. I took Fiona and Gregory here who are currently doing their internships in Japan!

2. Mojo Coffee

  With already 3 stores in Tokyo (Kagurazaka, Waseda and Harajuku), this coffee brand is hip, young and super delicious! You can choose your coffee beans and they have awesome Chai Latte as well. The baristas here are like pros.
The sweets here are delish! Picture is the new Harajuku store with outdoor seating!

3. Bills Japan

 Originally from Sydney, Australia, Bills has some amazing fluffy pancakes and awesome caffe late / cappuccino. I have to say though; they are pricey! The store in Harajuku is always packed and you’d need to line up. Try to go to the Odaiba store during weekdays, it’s super empty.


 4. Blue Bottle Coffee
Originally from the USA, this coffee store has set foot in the land of the rising sun and has been super famous. Usually featured in magazines and uploaded on a lot of blogs. To be honest, not really my favorite but all the people around me can’t stop talking about it… Pretty pricey but you’ll get a lot! Staff is also super friendly and like to have a quick chat with you while you’re waiting for your coffee.

There are so many more cafes and restaurants with good coffee. Join Intern in Japan and we’re more than happy to join you discovering new coffee places after your internship in Japan.

Feel free to leave a comment with your favorite coffee shop in your country or Japan!

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