Q. Do you guarantee I’ll get an offer?

A. Yes. How’s that for straight up?

Q. Will I get paid for my intern work?

A. Depends on the internship. Usually not, but if you love the job and want it to turn into one that pays, let’s work on that.

Q. How long is my internship?

A.  You can stay for up to 24 weeks in 4-week increments. Need more? Time to confess you’re hooked on Japan and let us help you get hired permanently.

Q. What industries do you cover?

A. All industries and sectors. (Except maybe ice fishing, but if you’re really desperate to do that, we’ll figure something out.)

Q. Why isn’t there a list of all vacant internships on your site?

A. In general, internships depend on your skill set, preferred starting date and length of stay. But many companies actually create internship positions when we present them with superstars like you, while others like to stay under the radar about their talent development strategies. So what you see on the site are just representative examples of the endless opportunities out there. Give us a shout and we’ll give you the full skinny.

Q. What are your intake dates?

A. Your internship will start on a Monday. Everything else is flexible. No joke.

Q. What kind of companies can I intern for?

A. What kind can’t you intern for would be an easier question. With everything from nationals to multi-nationals, maverick market disruptors to 1000-year-old rice wine breweries, Japan boasts as much employment diversity as a Moroccan bazaar. We encourage you to get happily lost in all the choices.

Q. Where are the internships located?

A. Mostly Tokyo, because in and around the capital is where 60% of national and 75% of foreign businesses are based. You may also land in Osaka or another big city. We hope you’ll explore the countryside on weekends, but not waking to a rooster crowing at dawn every day will do wonders for your jet-lag and sanity.

Q. Why do I have to pay for my internship?

A. Rather than calling it a payment, it’s an investment for your own personal and professional development. We use our deep industry connections to land you a top-drawer placement, offer best-in-breed career mentorship and an unforgettable cultural experience, all while keeping you stress-free with our comprehensive living support program.

Q. Do I need to get insurance coverage?

A. Yes. And this isn’t optional, because we need a copy so the 8 million Shinto deities continue smiling down on Zentern for all eternity. Probably the least hassle and cheapest way is just to get a rider on your current policy.

Q. How much Japanese do I need for my internship?

A. None? A ton? It all depends on you and the company you work for. There’s no better way to understand the culture than to learn the language, but if the very thought of that curls your toenails, we’ll make sure to place you in a cozy everyone-speaks-English environment.

Q. What happens after my internship ends?

A. Up to you. If you want to stick around and explore the country until your visa expires, go for it. We’ll even offer some travel recommendations if you like, but legally you’re on your own. (Sorry. Had to say it. Our lawyers are watching.)


Q. Where will I live?

A. Whether you prefer regal or roughing it, we’ll find you conveniently located accommodations to suit your budget and taste, from fully furnished apartments to share houses to home-stays. Rent starts at $600 USD a month in Tokyo – usually less in other cities.

Q. Who will my roommates be?

A. No one, if you’d rather live alone. But the opportunity to do a house-share or home-stay is probably the biggest side benefit of being a Zentern. If you’re thinking about an international career, now’s your chance to start building your global network. And while your roommates may be determined in part by geographics and timing, we promise only cool peeps. There’s no such thing as a Zenjerk.

Q. How far will my place be from work?

A. Half an hour, max. Anything more would be…uncivilized.


Q. What does the program include?

A. See the tab that says “Program”? Click that for details.

Q. Will I be alone?

A. Kind of hard in a Japanese city, but even the shyest wallflower is bound to get swept up in all the fun stuff we’ve got going on. Locking your door is not an option (one of our resident ninjas will only bust in and dig you out).

Q. What do I do in case of an emergency?

A. Scream. Then call your Zenpal or any of your other bilingual points of contact at Zentern and we’ll either come running or scream at the appropriate authorities for you.

Q. Are flights included in my program fee?

A. No. But we can assist searching tickets and flights for you and arrange transportation to your accommodation if you like.

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