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¥ 55,000

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  • Invoiced when your internship has been confirmed.
  • Pay with installments available.
  • Payments accepted in USD and Euro.
  • Pricing varies per internship time-frame. If you would like to stay for a time not stated, feel free to contact us for a quote.
  • Internships are university accredited.
  • Cultural Program Included.
  • Housing is NOT included. Based on your budget, preference and internship location we will show you options to choose from. Housing starts from JPY55,000 (USD500) per month~
¥ 230,000
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Friend Package

Sign up with a friend and get both 15% off + you both will receive a ticket of choice to Disneyland, Disney Sea or Universal Studios Japan!

Sharing accommodation is optional too!

1 weeks
or shorter

Receive a JPY3,000 Amazon Giftcard to get you started in Japan!



1 weeks
or longer

Receive a JPY3,000 Amazon Giftcard to get you started in Japan AND a ticket of choice to Disneyland, Disney Sea or Universal Studios Japan!

Your Program Includes

Quality Internships

Dodgy internships will never happen with Zentern. We strictly screen companies in Japan to ensure our Zenterns get valuable, hands-on work experience. We want them to enjoy going to work everyday with no overtime!

Japanese culture, Zentern, Internship Japan

Exploring Japanese Culture

We don't stop at just the internship! We have a seasonal, ever-changing and exciting cultural programs ready for you. Allow our Japanese and non-Japanese tour guides to show you Japan and discover what this amazing country has to offer.

Zentern, Japanese class, Internship in Tokyo

Japanese Lessons

Japanese Classes are tailor-made for our Zenterns hold weekly just for JPY1,000 per lesson. That's right, you can expect all original and professional content. Every week we learn a new topic you can use the next day and finally tell the waiter(ess) at your fav restaurant you would like to have the special of the day, onegaishimasu!

Zentern Phone Data, Sim Phone Japan, Internships Japan

Internet Data & Phone Sim Card

"Yes, mom/dad, I have arrived safely and am eating some sushi now", might be the first words you will send to home. Staying in touch with family and friends is important to us. Our SIM card allows you to stay online 24/7 and call your fav ramen place to request a delivery.

Charged Transportation Pass

Fortunately, most companies provide a monthly train pass. Unfortunately trains in Tokyo are not as empty as this icon. Zentern would also like to help out by getting you started with a charged pass you can use till empty then top up yourself.

24/7 Emergency Support

With Japan being ranked #9 on the Global Peace Index a.k.a safe-country-ranking, you can still go walk your dog at 2am without any worries. While uncommon, accidents do happen. In our 5 years we have ensured all Zenterns are safe and genki (healthy). In case something happens we are here to help.

Accommodation Tokyo, Internship Tokyo, Zentern

Accommodation Assistance

Home is where the heart is (as well as your PlayStation and a comfortable bed to watch Netflix). Zentern will arrange accommodation based on your budget, preferences and internship location. We'll send you options to choose from, whether you're after a private apartment or share house which you can pick from. Our share house partner company takes screening tenants very seriously, ensuring a safe and comfortable environment. Shared houses also organize their own events and cooking nights; a great way to make friends!
Housing starts from USD500 per 4-weeks for a private room including utilities, furniture, light-speed jedi internet, bedding and awesome housemates.

Zentern, Internships in Japan, Mentor Japan


We have a whole family at Zentern supporting you. After the Zentern experience you might find out that you want to be an astronaut instead of a lawyer - how can I use this internship in Japan? What do I need to say to SpaceX or NASA during an interview? How do I improve my resume? Don't overthink and let us help.

Arrival to Japan, Airport pickup, Zentern, Internships in Japan

Arrival Support

Before you arrive in Japan, we will provide instructions on reaching your accommodation. Our housing manager will meet you at the station closest to your accommodation and show you the quickest route to your door. If you're unsure about making the journey alone, one of your Zentern members will be happy to pick you up from the airport for an additional JPY18,000. .

Zentern seminar, Japan seminar, Internships in Tokyo, Internships in Japan


Fun & Professional Workshops.
Meet both successful Japanese as well as foreign entrepreneurs, hear about their success stories or you can learn about a traditional Japanese tea ceremony.

Internships in Japan, Tokyo Internship, Zentern Network Event

Network Events

With our workshops & Japanese lessons you will shine like a star during network events by being able to introduce yourself in Japanese and having a simple conversation with Tanaka-san. Increase your professional network; Tokyo offers the best biz-hub to meet with like-minded young professionals.

Goodie bag, Zentern, Internship in Japan, Internship in Tokyo

Goodie Bag from Santa-rn

Top secret goodie bags are handed out during your orientation with useful items and seasonal Japanese snacks. Zentern is always looking to add something extra special to your experience (and perhaps some extra kilos in snacks!).