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Network Events in Tokyo

Don’t worry being bored or lonely during your internship in Japan, we like to take you to language exchange networking events every week!

Whether your internship is in Tokyo or Osaka, there are weekly events going on where you can meet Japanese and non-Japanese people living and working in Japan.It’s good to network during your internship, sometimes it might even lead into a full-time job offer.

The most fun and best way to make friends is to join our Language Exchange Events.

It can be very casual where there’s a big group and you just start talking to people or there are more organized ones focussing on learning English and Japanese (20 minutes talk in English, break, 20 minute talk in Japanese, break, etc.)
Most of the students find friends through these types of events during their internship in Japan.

Another great way to meet people and get into the Japanese business life is attending network events. These events are more professional and require nice attire.

The internships in Japan are not only about working, but also about creating more job opportunities for you in the future.

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