Survival Game Activity – Zentern - Internships in Japan
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Survival Game Activity

Last Saturday the Zentern Team organized a survival game with the Zenterns currently doing their internship in Tokyo.

Together with one of our partner companies, we got out of Tokyo’s concrete jungle and went into the nature to play a survival game.
It was a great way to meet the locals, practice some Japanese and breath some fresh air while enjoying the nature we were surrounded in.

Check out our outfits:

A survival game is a great way to release some stress; especially after working so hard at your internship.
We were with 18 people and as you can see on the picture below, most of them were professionals!
Wish I could say that our team (Team Yellow) won every match but we lost pretty badly….
We are currently planning a revenge match for next year (haha!). Make sure to join us if you’re in Tokyo!

And as a last picture, our intern Ixhcel in action – hands up!


An internship in Tokyo has so much more value than you think. Not only will you gain valuable work experience, on top of that you will receive the chance to live, work and enjoy as a local. Zentern is here to help you intergrate (especially in the beginning) and get your mind of work during the weekends by organizing events like above! 🙂

For more information you can always browse further on our website or send us a message through our contact form.

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