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We went to Furusato no Matsuri

We went to Furusato no Matsuri

Furusato no Matsuri is a yearly event hold in Tokyo Dome where all of Japan’s 47-prefectures gather to sell their traditional food & show the public their local “matsuri” (festival).

Like most things in Japan, events are just all about the food and we’re very happy with that!
So we snatched our interns away from their internship to enjoy some local traditions (the festival was on a Saturday so we didn’t really snatch them away from the internship but still…)

We took some of our interns in Tokyo to explore more of Japan’s cuisine and culture.

It was crowded but very cozy and a lot of food choices.
Check out our intern here ordering in Japanese! – Zentern organises Japanese classes so excursions like this are good practice.
You will likely pick up lots of words and sentences during your internship but it’s very important to go and talk with the locals!

There was so much to see and eat, next time we will make sure to come in with an empty stomach and perhaps take some food home.
Other than food there were shops that sell traditional Japanese goodies, very nice as souvenir!
Why is everything so cute in Japan?

The internships in Tokyo or Osaka or wherever you are in Japan, are so much more than just work!
Zentern will make sure you’re getting the full cultural experience.

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